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From the President – GA Tax Update

Good evening GVA vendor members. I just wanted to post an update regarding the upcoming tax starting in January. First thing…..There will be a system update scheduled at the beginning of January so more than likely this will get pushed back. But not too long just till about Mid January. I will hopefully know a more definite date by the end of this week. Secondly, I was on a call with the DOR Attorney & Lauren our lobbyist today to educate her on open systems, closed systems & disposables. They are working very hard on getting the guidance up & posted on their website. We are planning a follow up call/zoom to better explain and provide assistance in preparing this guidance. It’s great that they are relying on us to provide assistance as to make sure there will be no confusion. Once we have this taken care of we will then begin the process on how the taxes will be done. The attorney will be assigning a point person to help us with tutorials & a how to video so as to make sure everyone knows how to properly do it. Please look out for a follow up post this Friday once we meet again. Hopefully I will have more definite information for everyone. I hope everyone is doing well & staying safe and all your shops have great sales coming into the holiday season. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your time Susan Stutzman

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