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Battery Safety



Generally all modern electronic cigarettes are powered by a re-chargeable battery. Most of these batteries are lithium-ion like those found in cell phones, remote controlled toys, computers, and many tools. As such, they need to be treated with respect. Everyone has heard or seen horror stories of cell phones exploding under pillows or on car seats. Yes, that really happens—although rarely.

Good battery practices will protect both equipment and provide personal safety! Batteries should only be charged with a charger of the correct output rating. Charging a battery at a higher rate than specified could lead to battery corruption, fire, or explosion.

Mechanical mods are vape devices that have no safety circuitry. Before using mechanical mods or building “do it yourself coils”, a vaper should understand ohms law and basic electronics.

For personal safety, please observe these battery tips:

> Use correct battery—one rated for specific application

> Use the correct charger for the battery

> Only charge batteries on a hard, flame-resistant surface or within a vented metal charging box

> Plug charger in first before inserting/connecting battery

> Allow batteries to cool before charging

> After charging, allow battery to cool before use

> Monitor batteries during charging

> Never use batteries below 3.2 volts

> Immediately discard any swollen or distorted batteries

> Always inspect your batteries for nicks and tears on the skin. This can cause serious damage and should be re-wrapped or replaced.

> If a battery becomes hot to the touch, starts smoking, or hissing, lay it down and get away from it

> NEVER carry loose batteries in pockets or purses, use an insulated battery cover

> Buy batteries from reputable sources—some lesser quality batteries have been re-wrapped to look like better batteries

> When using dual batteries, “marry” the two batteries—always use the same two together from day 1

> Only use good quality chargers—you get what you pay for has never been more true.

> Always properly dispose of old batteries.


When in doubt or if you have questions, drop by a reputable shop. They can answer your question and give you some great advice on vaping safely. Some shop can re-wrap damaged batteries and inspect them for you.

Vaping is a bit different for everyone and there are lots of options available to you. High power devices and mechanical mods are NOT recommended for beginners. A truly good shop will explain your options and not push certain devices on you. They will take the time to answer your questions and show you how to use the device. Knowledgeable staff should be able to explain battery safety and give you a great start.


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